Three-Level Hypothesis of IM Effect

Level I Primary*
Brain Clock & Temporal ProcessingIncreased temporal resolution (faster internal clock speed-faster rate of oscillation (faster processing speed) of the brain clock(s) improve neural efficiency of the brain (temporal g)
Level II Secondary*Brain Network Communication & Synchronization
This occurs because white matter tracts connected to
• Prefrontal cortex
• Right Parietal cortex
• Supplementary motor area
• Cerebellum
• Basal ganglia (striatum)
• Anterior insular
• Cingulate cortices
o Are strengthen through brain training exercises
Improved brain network(s) communication via increased speed and efficiency of through increasing the density of white matter tract processing, i.e., thicken glial cells particularly between bilateral parietal-frontal regions—P-FIT Model of Intelligence
Level III Tertiary*
Attentional Control System
Comprise of following three subsystems:
• Focus of Attention,
• Working Memory &
• Executive Functional Control
Improvement in efficiency of executive functions and working memory results in better complex cognitive processing and learning.
Additional Notes*Luria

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