Playing online brain games is probably better than doing nothing.  However, to significantly improve your cognitive performance and protecting your brain health long-term, you should be aware of some key differences between the activities most people think of when they say “brain games” vs. a comprehensive program of clinically proven brain training exercises designed by PranaMind for each individual.

What They AreIndividual games in which players perform various tasks or actions, or repeat from memory certain sequences or patterns.Clinically-proven system of structured, integrated exercises that cross-train the brain in essential cognitive and behavioral domains — individual brain training exercises designed to be used on a regular basis.
CommitmentVirtually none. Satisfies individuals who like to play occasionally, on impulse.Encourages dedicated, consistent use by delivering significant benefits when users make brain exercise a regular part of their lives.
AppealA fun diversion.Brain training is a clinically proven way to significantly improve cognitive performance and social interactions.
BenefitOffer amusement, and some individual brain games of limited scope which may affect a single cognitive function (not clinically validated).Significant improvements in cognitive performance achieved through a highly engaging and enjoyable user experience.
Who Uses ThemPrimarily young adults who aren’t seriously concerned about cognitive performance, but want an occasional arcade-like diversion that teases their brains.Those who are serious about improving and maintaining cognitive performance, as well as health care professionals seeking a solution to produce tangible, clinically verifiable results.