Raymond Jones, Ph.D.

Raymond Jones, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and co-founder of the PranaMind LLC.  His areas of expertise include ADHD, learning disabilities, social behavioral issues, cognitive processing disorders, concussive injuries, executive functions and autism spectrum disorders. In addition he has worked with individuals with issues of substance abuse, anger management, depression and other personality disorders.

His professional career spans 35 year as a learning disabilities specialist, a clinical psychologist, an educational therapist, an ADHD/Executive Functions coach, a college professor, a college administrator, and a certificated neuro-cognitive trainer.   Dr. Jones has been assisting children, adolescents and adults overcome learning development and social Behavior challenges for more than 30 years.  As a professional educator he has taught college courses in psychology, child development, and learning differences, provided parenting education workshops for Head Start, consulted with parents experiencing separation and divorce, counseled young people growing up in single parent families or living in blended families, along with conducting parent education workshops covering topics such as ADHD and executive functions, and professional staff development workshops in child development, multiple intelligences, cultural diversity, curriculum design, instructional strategies, social justice, and student leadership.

Dr. Jones has experience interacting with young people having impulsive and acting out behaviors, ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, and Asperger syndrome.  Currently, he provides (1) executive function coaching for ADHD pre-teen, teen-agers, and young adults; (2) brain training or neuro-cognitive training to improve attention, rhythm, coordination and cognitive processes with all ages; (3) meta-cognition learning strategies for academic success;  and social skills interventions coaching. He has master’s degrees in Communicative Disorders and Clinical Psychology, and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology-Berkeley/Alameda (renamed Alliant University).