Today, Americans are living longer while staying active and healthy.  However, adults 65 and older are at risk for falls, which can signal the beginning of the end of an active life-and sadly, of their independence.

Each year falls among the elderly account for over 3 million emergency room admissions at a cost of $34 billion.  Falls are also the leading cause of injury related deaths for adults 65 and older according to the National Safety Council. This is not surprising considering falls are among the most common causes of traumatic brain injury.

Here are a few of the facts: (1)

  • One in three older adults falls each year.
  • About 2.5 million non-fatal falls were treated in emergency departments      in 2013
  • In 2013, 25,500 older adults died from unintentional falls.
  • About 20,400 people died from falls at home in 2014, and the          vast majority of them were over age 65.
  • More than 250,000 hip fractures are reported every year, and 95% of those are from falls.
  • Underlying causes of older adult falls which include muscle weakness, dizziness due to some medications, impaired vision and lack of coordination CAN be improved.


We would like to introduce you to our PranaMind Brain Wellness program for Fall Risk Reduction.  Our strategies include new and innovative treatment protocols like Interactive Metronome therapy. This proven method of reverse stimulation of the brain has caught the attention of people worldwide who suffer from the debilitating side effects of “Slip & Fall” accidents, Parkinsons Disease, Strokes and other motion-limiting brain disorders.

The scientific use of sound & motion helps to stimulate & re-teach coordinated movement which is controlled by the brain. With this technology, clinicians and therapists are strategically using a combination of rhythm/timing, movement and sound to inhance patients’ motor control and coordination.


PranaMind uses proven technologies and brain-based strategies to create improvements in

  • Balance and Gait,
  • Attention and Concentration,
  • Language processing
  • Enhancing purposeful movement

Older adulthood is often seen as a time of cognitive decline, with people becoming more forgetful and being less inclined to seek new experiences.  What recent research has shown is that under the right circumstances, the power of brain plasticity can help adult minds grow. Research has shown that keeping our brains fit with a series of targeted brain training exercises can do the trick!

A recent study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, found that brain training helped participants carry out everyday activities as if they were about 10 years younger.

Another key benefit of this treatment method, not to be overlooked, is that unlike chemical or pharmaceutical remedies, THERE ARE NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS.

PranaMind offers a science-based approach to optimizing basic brain processing through non-invasive treatment, using state of the art neuro-technologies that assists individuals in reaching their highest potential.


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