The Brain, A Vital Electrical Mind-Body Organ

The brain is the most complex and important organ in the body, yet it’s also the one we know the least about.  The brain is made up over 100 billion nerve cells with each one connected to approximately 10,000 OTHER CELLS, equaling ABOUT 1000 TRILLION CONNECTIONS IN YOUR BRAIN.  One of the many mysteries of brain mechanics is how do all these trillions of nerve cell connections coordinate to form the big picture of our world?

The key appears to be the right connections happening at the right time, together—this is called timing.  Timing is basic to everything in our daily lives.  Timing is what coordinates all of the cells to work together as one unit and gives the human brain all of its tremendous powers and abilities including the ability to thrive in challenging or changing environments.

When the brain is operating in an optimized state, cognitive (memory, attention, processing speed, decision making), kinesthetic (balance, coordination, precision, strength, agility, accuracy) and emotional (mood, stress tolerance, coping, anxiety control) processes are in flow and regulated.

When the brain is operating at less than an optimal state it is dysregulated, and entire networks can fail to function properly.  Because the brain signals and regulates the body in many ways, brain abnormalities can affect physical symptoms throughout the body.

I feel great!  Why do I need to be concerned about my brain?

Don’t you find it interesting that most of us will take baseline tests like blood tests, prostate and breast exams and eye exams but we don’t do the same for our brain?

Well, many conditions, both major and minor, can be tracked to brain dysfunction which is usually overlooked by conventional medicine.  When brain cells (neurons) perform less than optimally, entire networks can fail to function properly which can cause mental and physical symptoms to worsen.

We offer a number of assessments that evaluate how your unique brain is working.  Our methods, based in science, analysis of test results and collaboration are helping our clients (young and old) achieve amazing results!