With the Pranamind IM Sports Performance Program, the athlete executes isolated movement skills in unison to an auditory cue.  The difference between the perfect response to this sound cue and the athlete’s actual physical response is measured and rehearsed to an agreed target time in milliseconds to promote precision in timing, concentration and rhythm all of which are necessary for championship level of performance.  Through continuous and extended training the athlete gains speed in the transmission of neural messages both to the brain and back to the muscles.  This refined rate of information transfer is the key to success in sporting performance.  Athletic trainees show measurable increases in the rate of transmission along the neural system during each one-hour training period.

By integrating IM Sports Performance Program into your training you are addressing key components of motor learning, including cognitive engagement, precise timed repetitive movement practice, auditory and visual cues for timing and rhythm, and vital real-time feedback for every physical movement.
IM Sports Performance Program is non-invasive training that is being used by professional athletes, collegiate programs and scholastic institutions to both hone and strengthen the athlete’s abilities to focus, and attend over long time periods in distracting environments.  Significant improvement in these key areas contributes to efficiency in execution and reduction of mental miscues for athletes and teams.



Universities that have used IM include the University of Notre Dame, University of North Carolina, Duke University, Louisiana State University, Arizona State University, Boston University, University of Miami, Johns Hopkins University, California State University, and many others.  College teams are using IM for their entire team’s training.  Players reported increased awareness and a keen sense of timing that enables them to both anticipate and react with precision.

ESPN produced the following video:  (see link: Notre Dame and Interactive Metronome



In hockey, the athlete must be able to react quickly to puck movement and other players’ movement.  Balance is essential to make that rapid change in movement smooth and graceful; not only to keep your body in the game, but your mind as well.  It’s important for your body to be where it needs to be, but your mind must not get lost in the chaos of trying to figure out which way the puck was heading while using your peripheral vision to be aware of oncoming defenders, and analyze quickly which teammate to pass to, which route to take based on the speed and direction of every surrounding player.
NHL players who have trained with the Interactive Metronome® include

  • ROBERTO LUONGO Goaltender/captain Vancouver Canucks / Team Canada Olympic Team 2010
  • ROBERT ESCHE former goalie for the Philadelphia Flyers
  • KRISTIAN HUSELIUS of the Calgary Flames

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The Miami Herald reported on October 2, 2002:  The Miami Dolphins have added the IM-powered Training program into their off-season and regular season workouts to build and refine their player’s mental skills.  Training on the program produced:

  • 70% increase in timing accuracy,
  • 300% gain in the capacity to concentrate in a “zone” like mental state,
  • And over 60% improvement in the mental processing speed as measured by a national standard test.



The Interactive Metronome Program has been shown to increase shot accuracy in golfers by 20-35%.  Champion professional golf players Vijay Singh and Glen Day trained on IM and produced a score of less than 15 milliseconds.  This is a strong indicator of how good a golfer’s timing has to be. “It’s the hottest piece of workout equipment on the PGA Tour!” said Scott Riehl, head strength and conditioning specialist for the PGA Tour.

Training in Timing Improves Accuracy in Golf, The Journal of General Psychology, 2002. 129(1), 77-96

Researchers at Central Michigan University put 56 golfers through Interactive Metronome® (IM) training.  The (IM) trained group became 20% more accurate across all clubs tested, and got almost 30% more accurate on mid irons.

The putting accuracy of 26 golfers was tested, ranging from scratch to mid 20’s handicappers, before and after the Interactive Metronome training.  The results were analyzed by the sports psychology faculty at Arizona State University.  After using the Interactive Metronome®, golfers improved an average of 14% on 4, 5 and 6 foot putts – which translates into approximately2 fewer putts per round.



Ron Culp, Team Trainer for the Miami Heat remarked, “I’ve been favorably impressed by players’ improved decision-making and focus,” after completing the IM program.

(February 2003)

For athletes, the difference between winning and losing is their response time, concentration, rhythm and timing.  PranaMind’s IM Sports Performance training measures and improves athletes’ response in millisecond THAT’S THOUSANDS OF A SECOND and increases an athlete’s mental strength and agility.

PranaMind IM Sports Performance Program is powered by researched based neuromotor feedback technology to test and train key areas of sport activity seen in professional performance.  A precisely timed brain synched to an already trained and fit body can make an athlete’s once unattainable goals within reach.

Once you’ve mastered the basic program, you will be provided with an Advanced Level Training Program with specific movements tailored to your sport.  Over the course of the sessions, athletes can learn to:

  • Improve Attention, focus & concentration that locks you in the zone
  • Improve Motor planning & sequencing for reading the game
  • Improve timing, rhythm & coordination to find your sweet spot
  • Improve mental processing speeds & decision making to let you play your game
  • Improve motor skills & movement to get ready to score


Concussion Recovery

Student and professional athletes continuously in danger of head injuries or concussions.  Football and soccer lead the list of sports in which concussions happen frequently, followed by hockey and lacrosse, though no athlete in any sport is immune from concussions.  Multiple concussions are especially harmful to the brain.  IM-Home brain training can help the brain to recover from concussions.  If you’re having fogginess and memory loss from a concussion, contact us for a consult!

PranaMind takes brain training to a new level.  Rather than simply performing repetitive movement or cognitive activities to achieve functional gains, trainers that incorporate our proven methodologies into functional athletic activities report measurable improvements and self-confidence from their athletes.  PranaMind training produces athletes that are more engaged, more alert, complete far more repetitions of functional movement patterns and activities in a more precise and timely manner.  In addition, athletes who are challenged and can see measurable improvements are more motivated to test and train key areas of their mind for professional performance.