Diagnostic Services

Effective testing is not a rote procedure. In each case, creating a supportive atmosphere is essential to obtaining meaningful results.  Any proper assessment must yield concrete recommendations and a blueprint for carrying them out.  For these reasons, all of our assessment services are conducted by highly trained and experienced psychologists and educational specialists.  Following each assessment, the diagnostician(s) will meet with the family or client to discuss the results and make recommendations which are then formalized in a detailed written report.


Psychoeducational Evaluations

A psychoeducational evaluation includes an educational evaluation as well as an assessment of cognitive functioning.  This type of evaluation is typically used to assess for a learning disability and can include formal and informal components.  Most commonly, a standardized IQ test is given to assess cognitive functioning, but our specialists may administer other tests of cognitive ability depending on the area(s) of concern.


Extended Psychoeducational Evaluations

This type of evaluation is usually provided when difficulty with learning, attention, concentration, and organization are the areas of concern.  Often accompanied by a psychoeducational evaluation, a psychologist can assess for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Executive Functioning Disorders and/or Learning Disorders through tests, interviews, and rating scales.  At times an ADHD evaluation is the only assessment a child or adult receives if attention is the only area of concern. However, at other times it may be prudent to specifically assess particular cognitive/motor domains.


Psychological Evaluations

Manytimes a student’s educational problems are related to psychological issues such as anxiety or depression.  Psychologists examine these issues through rating scales, an interview to understand the history of the concern, and specific tests designed to assess these issues.


Educational Evaluations

Educational testing measures a student’s current level of academic skills such as reading, writing, and math.  The assessment also includes an evaluation of specific abilities needed to acquire academic skills such as perception, memory, and discrimination.  Educational evaluations are carried out by our educational specialist using a variety of standardized tests as well as some informal diagnostic procedures.


Intellectual Evaluations

An intellectual evaluation is conducted when an IQ test is required to update a student’s records, or for application to a school or program.


Educational Consultancy

Educational consultation services are available to individuals and families, as well as schools and other agencies. PranaMind is equipped to provide consultation to agencies involved in the juvenile justice system.  Consultation services are provided by experienced educational specialists and clinical psychologists


Teacher Training and Support

PranaMind offers assistance to teachers, providing advice and extensive training to accommodate the needs of learning and behaviorally challenged students in traditional school settings.  In-house consulting services are also available to assist schools districts working closely with students with behavior disorders, designed to meet your specific needs.


Education Advocacy

Our specialists are also well qualified to offer advocacy to families engaged with school districts over the welfare of their child.  Having an Advocate to assist in determining your child’s rights can be very valuable; not only from a legal perspective, but also by reducing the stress or intimidation parents may feel by meeting with school administrators. We help parents by bringing expertise to the table when meeting with school administrators about their child’s legal rights. Parents feel empowered with PranaMind advocates at their side.