IM-Home is different
There are many “brain fitness” programs that claim to work on attention, concentration and memory. But, these programs require the client to work on cognitive exercises alone. Research shows that combining physical and mental exercises in a regular scheduled training plan significantly improve results. That’s why IM-Home incorporates movement and coordination activities, for a complete brain and body training workout. Tailored for each client, IM-Home capitalizes on the mind-body connection to improve thinking skills and coordination.

IM-Home’s results enrich our senior citizens’ everyday lives. IM-Home increases their ability to function independently, remember more.  To order the IM-Home contact us today, or read more about the benefits of IM-Home for children, adults and athletes.

IM-Home for Children

Children with conditions from ADHD to Autism have successfully used IM-Home to improve their academic, physical, and interpersonal skills. Using IM-Home, kids are often better able to do the following:

  • Sit calmly and concentrate on tasks like homework and reading
  • Improve overall academic performance
  • Interact more frequently with peers and family members
  • Participate productively in enrichment activities like sports, music lessons, dance, martial arts, and gymnastics
  • Use memory recall skills
  • Follow multi-step directions
  • Communicate more effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Feel and express greater self-confidence

IM-Home for Adults

Whether they suffer from Alzheimer’s, are recovering from a stroke, or have another condition that impacts mental and physical abilities, adults often notice improvements in their daily functioning abilities. With IM-Home, they are better able to do the following:

  • Perform self-care activities, like dressing and eating independently
  • Complete daily tasks like grocery shopping or driving to work on their own
  • Filter out distractions and concentrate better on projects at home and work
  • Process math calculations, like tipping at a restaurant, with greater ease
  • Exhibit better balance, endurance, and coordination for walking, exercising, and playing sports

IM-Home Training for Sports

Because IM-Home increases timing, coordination and rhythm athletes at all skills levels can reap great benefits from the use of IM-Home.  They can improve their sports’ performance on the field, court, course, diamond, ice and course. The Miami Dolphins and University of Notre Dame football team use IM, as do the Miami Heat basketball team along with many professional golfers, including Masters Champion, Vijay Singh.

The athlete trainee can cultivate measurable increases in the rate of transmission along the neural system during each one-hour training period including:

  • Timing and rhythmicity are refined
  • Coordination integrated
  • Focus honed
  • Motor planning tightened
  • Motor sequencing smoothed
  • Motor learning facilitated
  • Increase reaction time

ESPN produced this Game Day half-time video: Notre Dame Football Trains with Interactive Metronome .

Begin the IM-Home Training for Sports with the Basic Program and once you master it your certified trainer will provide you with an Advanced Level Training Program with specific movements tailored to the sport or sports of your choice. IM-Home provides the delivery of this technology-based tool under the client management of an IM Certified Professional Provider in the athlete’s home.

How Does it Work?  TIMING!

Timing, the ability to feel and express steady beat, is fundamental to movement and music, and has been shown to positively correlate with an increase in mathematics and reading abilities, as well as overall school, professional and personal achievement.

Picture a clock and imagine opening it up and looking at all the gears rotating in unison. Like a clock, your brain is an amazing machine that controls every function using precise timing, and is used in virtually everything we do

  • Being able to focus on a teacher presenting a new concept.
  • Hitting a baseball, learning piano, or simply grabbing a glass of water.
  • Processing concepts in your mind and then through speech conveying these concepts to others.
  • Organizing and storing information as well as retrieving that information when needed.
  • It even controls when we want to sleep and wake up.

IM is a research-backed treatment program that helps improve timing through exercise and practice. Better timing leads to improvements in things like focus, coordination, planning, as well as processing speed. Whether you are born with a developmental deficit, suffering from a neurological injury, or battling a degenerative condition, IM is one of the key ingredients for enhancing your amazing time machine and improving your life.

Rhythm and research As infants, we very quickly develop a sense of rhythm. In the games we play and the songs we sing, rhythm is a way for children to learn about their bodies and their environment—remember the “Hokey Pokey”. For children with learning differences, activities using rhythm are increasingly being used as a tool to increase mental fluency, thereby improving the effectiveness of many brain and body functions. Growing research-based evidence suggests a link between mental timekeeping and cognition and learning. Children diagnosed with dyslexia may have deficiencies in their timing and rhythm abilities, and some researchers believe the connection between time/rhythm and learning may be so significant that a student’s response time to a metronome beat may predict performance on standardized reading tests.

Academics: Fluency in reading and math
Students have demonstrated significant improvements in broad reading and reading fluency, language processing, and even golf performance after participation in a program to improve timing. In addition, studies have indicated improvements in children with ADHD in the areas of attention, motor control, language processing, reading and ability to regulate aggression after intervention using a metronome.

Athletics: Accuracy and Sequencing
Athletes, also after receiving metronome training, reported benefits such as, “I am in the right place at the right time,” and “I feel my body is more in sync with my mind.” The team participating in this training reported a significantly more successful year with improved team focus, synchronization and overall team execution.

The Science
Scientists now understand that when we do anything, from speaking to clapping, many parts of our brain are working together, in perfect time, to accomplish even simple tasks. If our brain’s ability to keep proper time is off, the different parts of the brain can’t work together. You’ll see the results in a poor ability to concentrate, read, calculate, dance, walk or play sports. But when we exercise and improve our mental timing something really cool happens.   It’s called neuroplasticity. That’s the way in which your brain actually changes and strengthens when you give it a good workout. And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing with IM-Home: fundamentally changing the way your brain works.