Test Yourself for ADHD Symptoms

Completing this Psychological Screening Test

This is a screening quiz for adult ADHD which may help you identify aspects of your experience typically associated with ADHD. It is not a diagnostic test. To take the questionnaire, please click the radio button next to the selection, which best reflects how each statement applies to you. The items below refer to how you have felt and behaved during most of your adult life.

Please note: This test will only be scored correctly if you answer each one of the questions. Please also check our disclaimer on psychological testing and our psychological testing privacy guarantee.

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This is a screening test for adult ADHD. It is not a diagnostic instrument. Structured so as to differentiate between two distinct components of ADHD diagnosis (namely, inattention together with hyperactivity-impulsivity), this ADHD test is also sensitive to factors which typically preclude a diagnosis of ADHD. Scores over 24 together with the absence of mitigating factors are typically consistent with experiences which, under the careful evaluation of a psychiatrist, may be considered symptomatic of ADHD. With regard to mitigating factors, note in particular that any of the conditions mentioned in question 22 may better account for these symptoms, even where those systems yield a high score on this ADHD test.

The Structured Adult ADHD Self-Test (SAAST) was developed by Dr Greg Mulhauser. Like most mental health screening tests you will find on the internet, this test has not been evaluated for validity in terms of sensitivity and specificity via comparison with a Structured Clinical Interview for the DSM (SCID). Therefore, this instrument should not be relied upon in any way as a diagnostic aid but should be used solely as a tool for increasing your own awareness of experiences which might be associated with ADHD.