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PranaMind’s science-based approach optimizes
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The Brain

Introduction to PranaMind

Who Benefits?

PranaMind for Athletes

Neuroanatomical Transformation

What Is Interactive Metronome?

Interactive Metronome (IM) is a training tool that improves Neurotiming

IM Training has been shown to provide cognitive, communicative, sensory and motor performance

Clinicians Report Dramatic Improvements In:

  • Attention
  • Processing Speed
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Executive Functions
  • Mathematics
  • Self Regulation
  • Working Memory
  • Motor Coordination
  • Athletic performance
  • Reading Rate & Fluency
  • Expressive and Receptive
  • Language
  • Working Memory

In sports, almost 80% of perceptual input is visual. But even 20/20 vision does not mean athletes are performing at their peak. Objects don’t just sit there. They move. Fast. Regular eye exams may reveal that you can see clearly, but they can’t tell how well you ascertain where a ball is in space, how fast it’s traveling or if it’s changing direction.

That’s why we offer vision testing designed specifically for athletes. Using state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology, we can measure the specific vision skills that affect reflexes and hand-eye coordination, including:

  • Eye movement speed
  • Processing speed
  • Dynamic visual focus
  • Smooth visual pursuit
  • Simple reaction time
  • Choice reaction time
  • Binocular vision skills
  • Visual concentration
  • Contrast sensitivity

RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ measures and analyzes your eye movement, brain processing and reaction time against peers, amateurs and pro athletes. When the report identifies opportunities for improvement, our optometrists will customize a plan for you, built from an online library of 150+ training drills. And in just a few weeks, you could be upping your game.

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“My ability to deal with multiple high level stressors has enhanced, I feel like overall I can function at a higher rate of efficiency and speed”.

“I don’t have to re-read basic information.  I can read and pay attention amongst distraction better than before”.